Fanworks Contest 2024

Click the blocks below to view the TRULY BEAUTIFUL works made by Bicycle Boy's readers. Some entries have links below the thumbnails with additional material.


Gabriel by ShibaRyleon

Desert Bear by Shizamura

let them have a nap plz by Lucas

Plasticine Poet by Shakura Kazuki [x] [x] [x]

don't make my boyfriend more asymmetrical by Dreorcaul

BeeBoo by Umbrella-Ghost

Fourier Approximation by Scrollwing

Poet does the Akira Slide by bonfire-beret [frames]

just two little guys by Crabbng

Martyr Complex by Feral

Machk's Path by Diatrama

tune up by musdswo

Skip ♡ by Megasoma Mars

Tapar el Sol con un Dedo by Danny [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

BeeBoo 2 by Umbrella-Ghost

Submission 1 by Lennart

Submission 2 by Lennart

sorry we didnt talk more by Aardrick

Since we only received one written entry, DESERT BEACON wins the WRITTEN category by default. The second place written prize will be redistributed to whichever visual art places third... which means you get 3 votes each!

Please cast your votes through the google form below. A gmail account is required.

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